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Antique Baktiari carpet

Circa 1900
305 × 217 cm 10’ x 7’1”


A vibrant and beautiful antique Baktiari carpet woven around 1900-1910, this design is very elegant and refined.  Often Baktiari designs consist of a panelled garden designs or using tribal angular motifs this carpet is a classical medallion design which has a variety of intricate floral patterns.   The intricate latticework in the main field background has been done exquisitely and proportion wise the design has been woven with great symmetry.

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 The colours are delicate yet vibrant tones due to the rugs age with soft pale blue corners and muted reds, pinks and greens.

Condition wise this refined antique carpet is in near perfect condition with both ends/fringes complete and secure and the sides/selvedges wrapped and secured also.  The main wool pile of the rug is extremely high all over with the pile cut tightly and short it has preserved extremely well and no stains or damage of any kind.  A wonderful antique Baktiari carpet with remarkable colours and in exceptional original condition.

Bakhtiari carpets are based on a cotton foundation warp with a wool weft usually taken from the herds of the producing tribe. This leads to unique carpets that differ depending on the characteristics of each tribe’s wool. The wool can range from dull to extreme glossy and the resultant pile is clipped medium to high. The best carpets with the highest knot density are often known as Bibbibaff, this rug is a very fine example and could be considered to be close to the best type.

There are some 200 villages in the region of Baktiari, who all produced beautiful rugs around the late 19th century and in some quite striking designs.  Baktiari, which is west of Isfahan, Persia is a region where rugs used a similar medallion format to those of Isfahan rugs. This is where the similarity ends, as village rugs from Baktiari are often coarsely woven on a wool foundation whereas Isfahan rugs are much finer and woven using a cotton foundation.  This rug is an exception to the typical weave of tribal rugs from Baktiari as it is much finer than most we encounter, the weaver obviously had great skill and added a variety of complex designs from the intricate floral background design and the well drawn corner spandrels.

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