Rug Valuation

ValuationsBeing members of BADA and LAPADA we are able to offer a rug valuation service which is approved by all insurers.

If you have an article in which you are interested, but know very little of it’s history and would like to know more, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. Or if you are in the unfortunate position of having either a fire theft or flood, we can complete a valuation with good quality photographic images supplied.

We love to see unusual things and are keen to help if we can, so if you require a verbal valuation we would do this within our Crondall gallery without charge, if you cannot get to us, send us an image and we will try to decipher as much as we can from what you send us.

We keep a record of all our customers rugs in a secure location, so if the worst should happen we can call up details and current values in a matter of minutes.

The price for a written valuation for insurance is £150 + VAT.  If you have a large collection of rugs and require a more detailed valuation please contact us for a quotation.