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Moth Treatment

IMG_2165Moth larvae are a carpets and rugs worst enemy. Without often knowing, they will slowly eat away at your rugs devaluing them and requiring them to be repaired or replaced. Around March every year the moths will start to appear as it gets warmer and they continue to cause problems until winter approaches. The female moth lay eggs up to as many as 200 which will stick to surfaces like glue. They then hatch up to a week later into tiny white caterpillars which will start feeding instantly. It is these the moth larvae that will eat your rugs and clothing as they feed to grow into moth.

We sell several products to help battle the problem which can be used with great success to remove any unwanted moth and moth larvae. You can treat a carpet or rug with the moth killer spray to instantly kill any moth or moth larvae, we also recommended that the carpet or rug be cleaned professionally to remove any of the moth larvae that may be still be in the rug after treatment. We offer a cleaning and restoration service and can help with any issues you may have.