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Antique Lavar Kirman carpet

Circa 1890
366 × 259 cm 12’ x 8’5”


This beautiful antique Laver Kerman (Kirman) carpet has a classical refined design with unusual well drawn Angels depicted in the four corners. The pale background allows the soft purples, pale blues and green dyes to really shine. The colour variety is a real delight and would be wonderful to design a room around. This carpets is distinctive of the 16th and 17th centuries.

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The condition in general is good with some lower areas of pile in places and woven with a fine and tight weave you would expect from the finest of Kirman carpets known as Laver.  No structural damage or significant restoration, just minimal low pile, but this adds to the beauty and charm of this over 120 year old classical Persian carpet.

A fine weave on this exceptional town carpet from Kirman, who always produced a low cut pile due to the nature of the weaving process. As they were not known for long piles, this antique carpet of over 100 years has some lower areas of pile but nothing structural or significant to alter the value or longevity of the carpet. We always supply excellent underlay which actually aids the future life of an antique carpet, preventing it curling up or getting stress wear lines.

Kirman has long been a town dedicated to carpet weaving in the south east of Persia. Kirman carpets are always high quality, woven on a cotton foundation, designs consist of central medallions with floral motifs.  From the 17th century Kerman or Kirman has been a city notorious for fine eleagnt weaving and the famous vase carpets of the Safavid period (1501-1722) are regarded as the most valuable and exquisite in weaving history. Early examples from the 17th century have set records for sales at auctions.

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