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Antique Kashan rug

Circa 1920
164 × 110 cm 5’4” x 3’7”


A very pretty and finely woven antique Kashan rug, woven around 1910-1920 with delicate pale blues and soft pinks too.  A royal blue border colour with classical floral design of vines, leaves and open flowers.  A warm red background colour and beautifully executed design with great symmetry we would expect to see on finer town rugs woven in Kashan.

In excellent condition as the weave is very fine the pile height has been cut very short to show the intricate design.

. . .

The fringe is very short and has been secured many years ago to prevent any losses to the actual rug and the design.  It is also rare to find this smaller – 5’5″ x 3’7″ size in antique Kashan rugs, as more often we find them 6-7 feet long and 4 feet wide.   We have throughly washed this antique rug which has softened the pile nicely.

Visit our barn showroom in Crondall, Surrey to see this lovely classical Kashan rug and many more, we have nearly a 1000 items in our inventory.  Alternatively request a home visit, as we love to travel the country showing our rugs in-situ, we would love to show you this rug in your own home.  This is a free service we have provided for 25 years.

Kashans are highly treasured and classed among the very best Persian carpets and rugs. Kashan is north of Isfahan in the centre of Persia, this is also a town where fine rugs and carpets were woven, both have similarities in design and colour.  The best antique Kashan rugs were woven from the late 19th to the beginning of the 20th century. During this time period, the finest and highest quality antique Kashan rugs were commissioned for individual homes predominately for the Western market.   The finest examples are sought after by antique rug collectors or for decorative purposes to use on the floor.

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