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Antique Lesghi rug

Dated 1910
147 × 115 cm 4’9” x 3’9”


A vibrant full pile antique Lesghi rug woven in the north of the Caucasus in the Kuba region. Woven with the Islamic date 1328 which translates to 1910 in our calendar.  A fun, colourful antique tribal rug in excellent condition.  These types of Caucasian rugs more often than not will use the ‘Star’ motif repeating in the main body of the rug, like this piece.

. . .

 The border design is similar to the ‘Kufic’ border you see on Kuba rugs and Lesghi’s but this piece has left some of it to the imagination.  The dyes are mostly natural with a hint of chemical orange in some of the small floral motifs.  It is always nice to know the exact age of a rug and we know this piece is 105 years old.

Caucasian rugs get their name from the Caucasus region in Azerbaijan, which is north west of Persia.  These rugs are primarily village tribal rugs woven with bold geometric motifs.  Famous for their array of vivid colours these rugs have always been collectable as well as hard wearing floor coverings.  There are many types of Caucasian rugs, with early pieces dating back to the 17th Century, main producers were Shirvan, Kuba, Baku and Talish in the east with soft highland wool used for Kazaks and Karabaghs in the Southwest.  View our collection of antique caucasian rugs online or in your own home by appointment.

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