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Antique Kurdish long rug

Circa 1890
250 × 101 cm 8’2” x 3’3”


An amazing little nomadic Antique Kurdish long rug with wonderful abrash, which is the term for dye change. Due to being an old nomadic rug this would have been woven on a loom in the ground which would have been removed when moving on to pastures new. Hence the dramatic size change from one end to another, at its widest it measures 3 foot 4 inches and at its narrowest it measures 2 foot 11 inches!  As a tribal piece the design uses different elements of stylised trees and vines.

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 Condition wise the pile is very high throughout the majority of the rug.  With only a few areas where the pile is flatter in places.  Please see all the images attached of this great circa 1880-1890 tribal rug.Kurdish carpets are on the whole are coarse in comparison to the sophisticated rugs of Senneh, the capital of Kurdistan. The designs can be similar to that of Senneh, as with this runner it uses the ‘Boteh’ motifs that are often found in Senneh rugs.

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