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Antique Kurdish runner

Circa 1890
310 × 106 cm 10’2” x 3’5”


From the Kurdish weavers of the North-West of Persia, this antique runner has some great colours and design elements. Using designs we often see in Turkmen rugs from Turkmenistan and up into Uzbekistan. The geometric gul motif in the centre with varying colours we see on Tekke rugs, is an unusual design to find on Kurdish weavings.  With stunning blues, reds and greens, using natural dyes, this tribal runner is in lovely condition too.  The minor borders are intact and we have a nice soft wool pile on this runner.

Woven in a loom in the ground, these were often taken up when the Kurd weavers would move onto pastures new.  So they were rarely completely straight, this runner is very close to being straight.  This adds a great deal to these collectable and beautiful runners in our opinion, and when laid flat on the floor with our underlay it would look superb, bringing colour and charm to a space.

Visit our barn showroom in Crondall, Surrey, we are open Monday to Saturday by appointment.  Or allow us to visit you with this antique runner so you can trial it at home soon.

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Kurdish rug weavers were mainly woman who adapted and experimented with neighbouring weaving designs and used them in their own carpets. Nomadic rugs of the Kurds of Azerbaijan and the Caucasus used often primitive designs, whereas the the Kurdish Northwest Persia weavers used Caucasian designs of Kazak and Karabagh such as the diagonally striped field or bold geometric motifs.

Kurdish carpets are on the whole are coarse in comparison to the sophisticated rugs of Senneh, the capital of Kurdistan. The designs can be similar to that of Senneh, more often open in pattern and will use the ‘Boteh’ motifs or stylised flowers, ‘S’ Sun motifs or striped patterns such as on this runner.

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