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Rare Antique Farahan rug

Circa 1870
205 × 128 cm 6’8” x 4’2”


Early Farahan rug, in incredible original condition and with the softest of wool and floppy handle.  Dating from 1860-1870 one of the best of its type we have seen in 30 years.  Remarkable dye change with the blues, and on a rare natural white background, the workmanship is breathtaking! The design is similar to that of the finest Mohtasham Kashan rugs, but the weave of soft cotton single weft and colour palette, and slight variation to the drawing say otherwise.  As Fereghan was not far away from Kashan in the Arak district, it is easy to see how weavers travelled and took influence from other weaving areas.  The result is an exquisite, complex design of scrolling flowers and vines, the intensity of the colours is something to behold.

The pile height is cut fine and medium high all over, with no damage or wear to show, please see all the additional images of this collectable and outstanding rug.  They would have used Kurk wool to produce this rug, which is the softest wool from a sheep’s neck.

Request a home visit to see this exquisite antique silk rug at home, you can select an ideal day and time that is convenient for you.  We have been travelling all over the UK since 1990 visiting customers and helping interior designers.

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Since the 18th Century, Fereghan rugs from between Arak and Kashan have ranked among the best fine rugs in Persia.  The various mosaic designs of these rugs, of which there are around 20 variants compose of, the famous ‘Herati’ pattern, central motif designs, tree of life prayer designs and diamonds filled with rosettes.  The border designs are ornamented with angular palmettes, leaves, rosettes.  Colours tend to be light blue, purple, or rare natural white.

Fereghan carpets are unlike their neighbours Sarouk which are more formal often using an elaborate central medallion. Fereghan weavers preferred floral motifs of shrubs and vines using more green dyes and hints of yellow.  Fereghan or Ferahan rugs were woven in the Arak district which was once the capital of Persia.  They wove a variety of designs with Sarouk-Fereghan rugs more classical in their structure and rugs from Malayer and Fereghan using palmettes, shrubs, geometric motifs.

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