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Antique Kurdish rug

Circa 1900
200 × 132 cm 6’6” x 4’3”


A unique antique Kurdish rug woven with a lovely soft palette.  The end borders are of particular interest as they are a different pattern to the side borders.  Basically the weaver started with one idea of design in mind and then on reaching the end of the horizontal border changed their mind to another pattern and started weaving with a totally different border design.

. . .

  Then,  finally at the end of the rug to keep the design symmetrical,  the first border design is again repeated so the two end borders match..

These tribal Persian rugs were generally woven in or around the Zagros Mountains area of Northwestern Persia by the Lurs people. They are beautiful tribal art, often primitive but have wonderful designs and colours.  Kurdish rug weavers were mainly woman who adapted and experimented with neighbouring weaving designs and used them in their own carpets. Nomadic rugs of the Kurds of Azerbaijan and the Caucasus used often primitive designs, whereas the the Kurdish Northwest Persia weavers used Caucasian designs of Kazak and Karabagh such as the diagonally striped field or bold geometric motifs.

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