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Antique Tehran rug

Circa 1900
196 × 150 cm 6’5” x 4’11”


A beautiful pale antique Tehran rug woven with the famous Zil-e Sultan design.  Zil-e was the eldest of the Shah of Persia around 1840.  The son was not in line to the throne so he designed his own royal symbol which is the repeating design we see in the centre of this rug.

The design consists of a vase filled with flowers with two birds sitting either side.

. . .

 The repeating all over design is extremely intricate and is a marvel of the quality of weaving they produced.  A remarkable rug in very good condition.  It has one small old repair on a corner which has been done expertly, the overall pile of the rug is very high.  Please contact us to view the rug in-situ below or at our barn showroom.

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