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Antique Khorasan carpet

Circa 1890
333 x 249 cm 10’11” x 8’2”


Antique Khorasan carpets are a type of handwoven rugs that originate from the historical region of Khorasan, which is located in northeastern Persia. These carpets are highly esteemed for their exquisite craftsmanship, intricate designs, and use of premium materials. This piece has a wonderful all-over design of repeating palmettes and a fabulous flowing vine border.  All the colours are of vegetable origin, so are soft in tone creating a wonderful looking carpet.

The condition is good in general, the fringes and sides are secure and strong. With the main field showing some signs of wear and lower pile, this just adds to the character and appeal of this beautiful antique Khorasan.

If we can show you this carpet at home or in our showroom soon, it would be our pleasure, please make contact in your preferred way.

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Khorasan consists of two words, “Khor” and “Asan”, which means “rising sun” which is “Matla-o-shams” in ancient texts ( where sun rises ). This land, in old time was a vast and thriving country and during centuries was divided into various parts placed in Russia or Afghanistan.  This province is one of the most important weaving centres in Persia and this industry has a very special prominence.  Carpet weaving in Khorasan flourished in the 1500’s, during The Kingdom of Shahrokh Mirza dynasty in Herat, the Capital city of this dynasty was known as a city of Artists and Miniaturists, it was active in every branch of Art, specially carpet weaving. This art, after the flourishing period, at the end of Safavid era started to decline, drastically as far as the end of Qajar dynasty.

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