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Antique Khorasan carpet

Circa 1900
367 × 237 cm 12’ x 7’9”


A super pretty pale antique Khorasan carpet, circa 1890-1900 the weave is fine and the wool is very soft. Beautiful natural faded dyes, using wonderful variations of pale blues. You will see that the blues change throughout the carpet from darker blues, to light blues and back again. This is where the weavers have used different batches of wool, and over the last 100 plus years the dyes have faded and oxidised. The term for dye change is known as abrash and adds immense character to antique carpets, which modern weavers try to replicate in new rugs.

The condition is good in general, the fringes and sides are secure and strong. With the main field showing some signs of wear and lower pile, this just adds to the character and appeal of this beautiful antique Khorasan.

If we can show you this carpet at home or in our showroom soon, it would be our pleasure, please make contact in your preferred way.

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Khorasan consists of two words, “Khor” and “Asan”, which means “rising sun” which is “Matla-o-shams” in ancient texts ( where sun rises ). This land, in old time was a vast and thriving country and during centuries was divided into various parts placed in Russia or Afghanistan.  This province is one of the most important weaving centres in Persia and this industry has a very special prominence.  Carpet weaving in Khorasan flourished in the 1500’s, during The Kingdom of Shahrokh Mirza dynasty in Herat, the Capital city of this dynasty was known as a city of Artists and Miniaturists, it was active in every branch of Art, specially carpet weaving. This art, after the flourishing period, at the end of Safavid era started to decline, drastically as far as the end of Qajar dynasty.

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