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Rare Pair of Agra Kellehs

Circa 1890
665 × 178 cm 21’9” x 5’10”


An exceptional and incredibly rare pair of Agra Kelleh’s, with a very fine weave, these smart corridor carpets were woven in the late 19th Century and in the City of Agra.  These undoubtedly would have been commissioned for an important home of generous proportions overseas. As each kelleh is 6.65 metres in length which is just under 22 feet.  The dye palette of deep burgundy’s, pinks, deep blues, and soft peach tones are classical Agra colours.  A detailed and complex pattern of wide scrolling vines flow down the centre of the kelleh’s with floral patterns symmetrically spaced out around this design.

These remarkable rare corridor kelleh carpets, could also be used as runners if the width of a corridor was wide enough to accommodate them.  To find a pair of Indian Agra Kelleh’s in original condition as these are, is truly unbelievable, as quite often they get separated or one can succumb to damage etc.

To view these beautiful rare Agra Kelleh’s in situ, please request a home visit.  We travel all over the UK showing our carpets, rugs and runners at home.

From the 16th century, during the Mughal Empire carpet weaving was influenced by the Persian weavers which resided in Agra, India.  Designs on Agra carpets vary considerably, but Persian floral motifs from Tabriz and Ziegler were often used.  The British revival in the 19th century bought back the production of oriental rugs after the collapse of the Mughal Empire due to high demand for export.

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The Indian city of Agra in the late 19th century was an area where carpet weaving began to excel, as carpets and rugs were commissioned for the western market. Persian designs were used, but like Ziegler carpets the designs were generally enlarged to show beautiful palmettes and vines with mainly reds, purples, greens and ivory as the predominant colours.

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