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Antique Ushak carpet

Circa 1880
444 × 333 cm 14’6” x 10’11”
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An ancient Ushak carpet with rare green dyes in various shades, pinks and orange tones famous of these carpets from Anatolia in the late 19th century completes the overall palette.  A large scale flame medallion with smaller pale green central motif, vivid patterns and colours make this an alluring and interesting carpet.  Lower areas of pile are visible in general the pile is medium high, with secure fringes and side selvedges, structurally strong and with our underlay very durable on the floor for another 100 years.

To view this ancient carpet at home or at our showroom, please make contact in your preferred way, we look forward to helping you soon.

Ushak carpets were woven in Western Anatolia which was one of the largest rug production areas since the Ottoman Empire.  Their designs tend to be more open than Persian rugs and use soft natural dyes. The faded green border colour works so well with the soft reds and muted golden tones.


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Often younger Ushaks or Oushaks will be rich red in colour and use bolder geometric designs.  This Anatolian carpet has an almost contemporary feel to it and would work in a modern space as well as traditional.  We clean every carpet before offering it for sale and make sure the ends and fringes are secured.  A decorative subtle piece ideal for a soft scheme.

Ushak rugs and carpets were woven in the Anatolian highlands south of Istanbul where they used extremely soft wool and using the larger turkish knot made them weave more open designs than Persian carpets. They are increasingly desirable today due to their sometimes softer palette than persian carpets, thus making them easy to place in a drawing room or under a dining table.

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