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Antique Senneh Kilim

Circa 1890
188 × 110 cm 6’2” x 3’7”


Beautifully woven and very fine, this glorious antique Senneh kilim has been woven with rich colours that have faded over the last 100 years.  The golden yellow medallion is floating on the intricate Boteh design in the main field, with red floral corner designs.  The white outer border brings great contrast to the other dyes and has an interesting abstract almost Boteh design too.

. . .

 Woven in the late 19th century the condition is very good and preserved.  With our sturdy rug underlay we supply with any carpet or rug, this attractive antique kilim would sit happily on any floor type adding wonderful colour and interest to a room.

The most well known of all Kurdish Kilims originate from Senneh or Senna, now called Sanandaj which is the capital of the Kurdistan province in Persia.  Senneh Kilims from the Sanjabi and Jeff tribes have been inspired by floral patterns of Safavid embroidery and brocade hangings that were, in turn, influenced by Indian design work.  Suggesting Senneh weavers directly copied Indian Textiles as their rugs and kilims show similarities to Moghul rugs.  Senneh kilims are usually small in size, but occasionally larger kilims were woven in squarer format.  They are basically slit-woven in technique, but have refined their weaving of extra weft inserts and curved wefts not usually found in Kurdish kilims.  This allows them to weave curvilinear designs or motifs such as the ‘Boteh’ design without interruption.

The colours of Senneh kilims are predominately blue, red, yellow and white, designs often consist of an endless floral pattern all over the main field or an elongated central medallion.  Patterns vary from delicate Safadvidesque floral motifs, the Boteh design or carnations of rose from the town workshops, to striking accurate designs of animals and humans woven in the villages.  Senneh kilims are collectable and elegant weavings from the Kurdish province of Persia.

We offer the service of viewing any of our antique kelims, carpets, rugs or runners in situ.  Travelling all over the UK for the last 30 years we have helped customers and interior designers find the perfect rug for their home. Request a home visit to see this beautiful antique Senneh kilim in situ.

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