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Antique Kashan rug

Circa 1890
211 × 129 cm 6’11” x 4’2”


A truly fabulous rare antique Kashan rug from the master weaver ‘Ateshoglou’ who was the scholar of the legendary master weaver Mohtasham and eventually had his own workshops, he used the finest quality wool with amazing complicated and intricate designs.  The border along with the elaborate central medallion is breathtaking! Combined with a wide variety of dyes, fading from pale blue to deeper blues, which we can also see in the red dyes.

. . .

 This is known as abrash a term for dye change, this is one of the most interesting factors of antique rugs.  Condition wise it is very good with elements of the silk purple original side-cords showing.  These purple silk sides were famous indicators for Mohtasham rugs.  A rare and collectable fine antique rug.

Kashans are highly treasured and classed among the very best Persian carpets and rugs. Kashan is north of Isfahan in the centre of Persia, this is also a town where fine rugs and carpets were woven, both have similarities in design and colour.  Kashan is the oldest carpet-producing city in Central Persia. Famous for its production of silk carpets, carpet weaving was revived in the late 19th century. There are different grades of Kashan rugs due to the the wool used and the best were known as Kurk or Mohtasham Kashan rugs.  The kurk or kork wool was the finest and softest wool from around the sheeps neck.

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