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Rare Silk Erzurum Kilim

Circa 1890
140 × 87 cm 4’7” x 2’10”


A rare near perfect condition all silk Erzurum kilim woven in the late 19th century with beautiful pistachio green and soft yellow dye colours.  This slitweave kelim is a typical prayer design from Erzurum in the north-east of Anatolia, what is rare and exceptional is that it is all silk.  Silk kelims were often commissioned work for wealthy families.  Both the foundation is silk (warp/fringes) and the wrapped flat weave.

. . .

 The motif in the border is frequently used in kilims from this region and similar to designs we see in Caucasian rugs from Azerbaijan.  The dyes are just stunning on the silk and create a rare antique kilim which can be hung on the wall, placed on a table or used on the floor in forgiving areas.  The condition is near perfect with only a couple of small old repairs you can hardly notice.

Erzurum was once a key frontier town, used to defend Anatolia against many invasions, it was also an important point on the caravan route between Anatolia and Persia.  It was occupied by Russia in 1829, 1878 and 1916-1917. But from 1923 it was incorporated by Turkey.  The climate is very severe in this mountainous region with winter temperatures average -9c and summer rarely exceeds 20c. As weaving is generally a winter occupation it is no surprise that many beautiful kilims were woven here. They were renowned for prayer kilims and more often had green or blue/green tones in the prayer arch such as this piece. They rarely produced larger kilims. With many Kurdish people residing in Erzurum, there are lots of design traits of Kurdish weavers such as the wolf track border design, as well as the tree of life design. Kilims from this region have always been extremely desirable and collectable as their designs and beautiful colour palette work so well with traditional and contemporary settings even today.

We offer the service of viewing any of our antique kelims, carpets, rugs or runners in situ.  Travelling all over the UK for the last 25 years we have helped customers and interior designers find the perfect rug for their home or project.  Request a home visit to see this rare Erzurum kelim at home.

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