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Antique Tabriz carpet

Circa 1880
532 × 383 cm 17’5” x 12’6”
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A stunning all over design antique Persian Tabriz carpet woven around 1890-1900 with soft saturated dyes.  Woven with a version of the famous Zil-e Sultan design.  Zil-e was the eldest son to the Shah of Persia around circa 1840.  Zil-e was not in-line to the throne and did not have his own royal symbol so he designed his own which is the repeating design we see in the main field design of this huge antique carpet.

The Zil-e design consists of a vase of flowers with two small birds sitting either side.  The repeating all over design is extremely intricate and complicated to weave and is a marvel of the workmanship they could produce.  This enormous large Tabriz carpet would have taken years to weave and produce all the dyed wool.  Weavers would use a drawing known as a cartoon, so they knew where each knot would go to produce quality fine carpets.

Condition is very good, in general it has a nice soft wool pile all-over, minor preservation has taken place.  This 120 year old carpet has been used every day, acquired from a large private estate, it has been well used but looked after.

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Antique Tabriz carpets from North-West Persia are distinguished by their excellent weave and colour. By their remarkable adherence to the classical traditions of Persian rug design, but they cannot be distinguished by any particular pattern or by their colouration. Tabriz rugs offer classical medallion designs and a host of all-over patterns as well in every colour imaginable, from brilliant rich tones to soft pastels using excellent natural dyes.

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