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Square Nain carpet with silk highlights

Circa 1970
320 × 300 cm 10’5” x 9’10”
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An amazing very fine square Nain carpet with silk highlights, a deep blue almost background and soft toned border produce an elegant all over design.  This exceptional Nain carpet was woven around 1970 and is in excellent condition.

Nain carpets are graded according to the quality of the wool, silk and how fine the weave is, this is graded by the term “La” in farsi means layer.   4La being the finest and often silk on a silk foundation, 6La which is extremely fine with silk and wool more often and 9La, which is also very good quality.  If the quality is lower than a 9La the pattern can get very “fuzzy” and primitive compared to the higher quality pieces.  This Nain is a 6La with silk highlights.

The majority of Nain carpets have a central medallion and are usually woven with the main colours being cream or off white together with blues of various hues. The designs are all floral, take note of the vines growing throughout the field.  Carpets from Nain are beautifully produced using wonderful dyes and classical designs.

We offer the service of viewing any of our carpets & rugs in-situ in London, Surrey, Hampshire & the UK by appointment. Please request a home visit to view this beautiful fine Nain carpet in-situ.

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Nain carpets are very highly regarded for both their quality and designs. This particular piece is an unusual square size, and extremely finely woven with most of the intricate floral design highlighted by silk.

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