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Antique Kurdish runner

Circa 1890
575 × 85 cm 18’10” x 2’9”


A very beautiful and very large antique Kurdish runner!  It is very unusual to find such a long (5.75m or just under 19ft long) Kurdish runner,  yet the width is also very narrow at 85cm,  so this is perfect for a long,  narrow hallway or landing.  We love the wool used in this runner,  it’s soft,  colourful and long glossy pile.  Kurdish weavings are also wonderful because of their naive designs and the weavers personality telling a story – look at the close up images to find numerous animals dotted around the piece,  both in lines and facing each other – the design is truly individual.

. . .

 At first glance the design may look like a boteh,  but on closer look the design is actually a cross between a boteh and a tree; – there is a trunk and the individual leaves of the tree,  but also the hooked top of a boteh,  again wonderfully individual and one of the reasons that rug collectors find Kurdish rugs so collectable.

Kurdish carpets are on the whole are coarse in comparison to the sophisticated rugs of Senneh, the capital of Kurdistan. The designs can be similar to that of Senneh, as with this runner it uses the ‘Boteh’ motifs that are often found in Senneh rugs.

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