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Antique Melas rug

Circa 1870
169 × 113 cm 5’6” x 3’8”


Dating from 1870-1875 we have this wonderful early antique Melas rug, full of vibrant colours that you would expect from the Anatolian weavers from the village of Milas (Melas).  Often Melas weavers produced fine prayer rugs, this early rug uses the scrolling zig-zag design in one column in the centre, flanked by two further borders of abstract floral leaf designs.  A rare and collectable antique rug, over 145 years old.

Please do request a home visit to see this antique Melas rug at home, where you can select a convenient day and time for you.

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Melas rugs or (Milas) hail from  South-West Anatolia (Turkey).  This cottage industry of weaving flourished in the 17th Century, with the village of Milas was well known by the 19th Century.  The weavers produced lovely vibrant rugs with one way prayer designs, which featured their main source of colour the red dye and simple niches.

Cottage weaving in the 17th and 18th century was a thriving industry with many rugs exported to Europe from Western Turkey.  The most famous cottage weavings are Translyvanian rugs.  These have survived and are hung in Churches in the Transylvanian district of Romania. They are small and woven in typical cottage industry style, much as the rugs from the Milas district in the 19th Century.  Often designs, such as the prayer niche are similar to that seen in Milas rugs.  The colour palette of these cottage rugs are full of rich reds, aubergines, brown, pale blues and yellow.

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