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Seirafian carpet

Circa 1950
360 × 212 cm 11’9” x 6’11”


This rare ivory ground, signed Seirafian carpet is in exceptional original condition with a fine kurk wool pile. Woven on a silk foundation, this carpet has no damage or repairs of any kind having spent its life hanging in a private collection.  As a work of art it has been treated as such, with the silk fringes all complete, the detailing and workmanship is quite breathtaking with all beautiful natural dyes.  The knot count is extremely high for this masterpiece from the best workshop in Isfahan, Persia.  With around 750 knots per Sq inch! Which works out to be 8,694,000 knots in the whole carpet! This is truly quite remarkable.

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Signed by the weavers workshop – S (Sadegh) Seirafian this has been verified by the original Seirafian carpet workshop in Iran today. We have direct contact with the original family Seirafian workshop who help us to validate the carpets signature and authenticity, which they agree is genuine and dating from the mid 20th Century.  As often with the finest examples of fine silk and wool weavings there were copies made and signatures were faked.  Please view all the additional images which are quite astounding, the detail of the horseman and animals are utterly beautiful! There is a lot of variation in the dyes too, which is known as ‘Abrash’ which means dye change.  This adds even more character and interest to this 70-80 year old work of art.

The late Master Haj Agha Reza Seirafian (1881-1975), the founder of the Seirafian carpet workshop, was a highly reputable private banker in Isfahan; but his enthusiasm in this career did not hamper his love of beautiful fine carpets. This deep-rooted love inspired him to open a new chapter in the history of weaving, with one aim to produce the finest quality rugs with intricate floral designs using wool and silk.  He set out to produce the best rugs with the finest materials, master weavers and weave the tightest, finest weave.  By using the best weavers he paid them the most too which annoyed other workshops in Persia considerably! With Seirafian rugs comes a great history with his first son Mohammad joining his business it continued so then onto his sons and grandsons they continued the tradition, the rugs even got finer over the years.

This exceptional carpet was woven by the late Master Seirafian’s son’s workshop – Master Sadegh Seirafian, who lived between 1922 and 2005 he was a great contributor to Haj Agha Reza Seirafian’s business empire. After graduating from high school, the Late Sadegh went straight into the carpet weaving business. He was very insightful and creative in his design work he did for the Seirafian family business. The Late Sadegh Seirafian, thus, decided to produce his own carpets while working at his father’s store. His carpets carry a signature of his name S Seirafian.

Isfahan is situated virtually in the centre of Iran, and was once the capital city. The rugs are woven in the city itself and the surrounding villages. Starting in the early 17th century, their name was renowned throughout Europe – this has continued to the present day. Although rug making was interrupted by the Afghan invasion, it quickly re-established itself as a major centre for the finest handmade carpets.  This example show cases why Isfahan are famous for weaving the most detailed, beautiful fine carpets.

Please contact us to request a home visit to see this rare Seirafian Isfahan carpet at home or to arrange an appointment to view it at our showroom in Crondall, Surrey.

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