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Antique Baluch rug

Circa 1900
185 × 97 cm 6’ x 3’2”


A wonderful example of tribal rug weaving, in excellent condition this antique Baluch rug has a fantastic array of natural colours.  This sets it apart from standard Baluch rugs, often they can be bright harsh oranges and blacks and limited in depth of colour.  The muted background colour is a variation of purples and browns to allow the geometric motifs their clarity and the rug is well constructed.

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 The white inner border and outer border is known as the running dog design – this is known in classical architecture, the running dog is a decorative motif consisting of a repeated, stylised scroll form, rather like the profile of a breaking wave.  The lightness of it combined with the deep rich colours give this rug a lot of life and interest.  It is fantastic that the original kelim skirt is intact at both ends which blends into the soumac weave, as more often this part of a Baluch rug is lost due to heavy wear.  Woven around 1890-1900 it is in exceptional condition with the wool pile high all over and for a tribal Baluch rug the weave is fine, clearly made by an expert weaver.

These tribal rugs are popular with collectors and rug enthusiasts, woven by tribes people in eastern Persia and western Afghanistan.  Generally woven with a loose weave and using wool foundation their wool has a great softness.  The Baloch or Baluch are tribal people who live mainly in the Balochistan region of the southeastern-most edge of the Iranian plateau in Persia, and Afghanistan, as well as in the Arabian Peninsula.

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