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Antique Perepedil rug

Circa 1890
166 x 111 cm 5’5” x 3’7”
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A stunning Antique Perepedil rug in excellent original condition.  Caucasian rugs are usually geometric in design and this type of rug is no exception.  Perepedil rugs have an easily recognisable ‘rams’ horn design in the main field, on this occasion repeated throughout.  A deep blue background which is produced by dipping the wool into the vat of blue dye many times to get to this deep colour which is almost black in places.

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 Their is a good variety of change in the dyes, known as ‘Abrash’ this term for dye change is what sets apart antique rugs from contemporary rugs.  Great character and bold design on this rare caucasian rug for a collector, or to be used as a decorative item, please see further images below to see the condition up close, any further questions we will be happy to help you.

The Kufic border design is a famous design in Caucasian rugs as it dates back to the 17th century stylising lettering and scripts which also appears on early pottery and ancient buildings.  This design is used on antique Shirvan rugs, Erivan rugs and Kuba rugs too.

Shirvan is a region of Azerbaijan in the southeastern Caucasus. With the exception of a group of rugs woven in the vicinity of Baku, most Shirvans are found in small sizes, with examples from the southern part of the area around the town of Saliani more likely to be in the long, narrow format described in the West as runners.

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