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Antique Agra rug

Circa 1890
200 × 125 cm 6’6” x 4’1”


Myself (Stephen) Roderic and Kristian, (the team here at Farnham Antique Carpets), all have our favourite rugs and carpets, and this is definitely mine right now! A rare early Agra rug from northern India, around 130 years old, the beauty in the design with varying leaves and floral patterns can be seen on larger carpets from Agra or Amritsar.  It makes me wonder if this rug was commissioned to sit with an existing Agra carpet in a room, or woven as a large sample rug, as the central motif facing side on is rare to see.

The sandy, biscuit golden background, with abrash (dye change) at the top to a lighter colour is a great base colour and unusual dye.  The off white main border with pale blues, soft sage greens and purple dyes are classic colours used by Agra weavers and clearly composed and woven by an accomplished weaver.  A cartoon (drawing) would have been used to weave this rug, so the weaver knew how to complete the pattern with this symmetry.

Pile is medium high, with only a few lower areas of pile, the ends have been professionally restored, as there was a few centimetres missing.  A beautiful and collectable piece.

The Indian city of Agra in the late 19th century was an area where carpet weaving began to excel, as carpets and rugs were commissioned for the western market. Rug weaving as an activity has been well known in India since the 1500’s. Lots of their designs came from Persian motifs and patterns due to the fact that the designs of the Persians and the Indians are very similar. The Indians also got some of their influential ideas from parts of Asia. However, Indian rug weavers began to develop their own style. The most elaborate models got woven during the Mughal Empire between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries.

If you would like to view this rug up close, please organise a home visit or showroom visit.  You can choose an ideal day and time to see this amazing rug, we would be happy to help you.

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Agra rugs were woven in various colours and designs, and many were woven by prisoners in the jails in the mid to late 19th century.

Please request a home visit to see this exquisite antique rug at home, you can select an ideal day and time that is convenient for you.  Travelling all over the UK, London, Surrey, Hampshire and Europe since 1990.

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