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Ardabil fragment

Circa 1539
6 × 6 cm 2” x 2”


Ardabil carpet fragment – This is a small piece of the worlds most famous carpet ever woven.   The original pair of carpets measured 10.51 x 5.34 metres each,  and are thought to be one of the worlds largest carpets,  almost certainly the worlds most valuable.

There were two carpets, one of which was used to restore the other to its full glory.

. . .

This complete carpet is now the V&A in London, bought under the direction of William Morris by Queen Victoria. The second Ardabil, which is missing its border, was donated by J. Paul Getty to the Los Angeles County Museum of Science,  History and Art.

Link to the Wikipedia article outlining the history of the Ardabil carpets,  and how these fragments appeared.

Wiki – ‘The second “secret” carpet, smaller, now borderless and with some of the field missing, and made up from the remaining usable sections, was sold to American businessmen Clarence Mackay and was exchanged by wealthy buyers for years. Passing through the Mackay, Yerkes, and De la Mare art collections, it was eventually revealed and shown in 1931 at an exhibition in London. American industrialist J. Paul Getty saw it, and bought it from Lord Duveen for approximately $70,000 several years later. Getty was approached by agents on behalf of King Farouk of Egypt who offered $250,000 so that it could be given as a wedding present.  Getty later donated the carpet to the Los Angeles County Museum of Science, History, and Art in the Exposition Park in Los Angeles. Other fragments have appeared on the market from time to time. The knot density is actually higher on this Los Angeles carpet.’

Link to the LACMA collection and their Ardabil carpet.

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