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Antique Khotan Kelleh

Circa 1900
335 × 175 cm 10’11” x 5’8”


Wonderful finely woven antique Khotan kelleh, with faded pale dyes from over 120 years ago.  A remarkable find, and in exemplary pile, super soft handle and in untouched condition. It has never been repaired, retaining all of its ancient charm.  A rare and incredible early example, Khotan rugs have always been regarded as decorative collectable rugs, this one is something to be seen up close. Moon guls and classical floral motifs from China make up the beautiful design.

Khotan rugs and carpets came from the East Turkestan city of Khotan, and are part of the legends of the Silk Road. Designs vary with ornate borders and large elaborate medallions to gorgeous repeating patterns.  The city is famous for producing both silk and wool carpets. The pomegranate in Khotan rugs became a symbol for prosperity, with its branches fashioned into an exquisite geometric folk design. It is not uncommon for some Khotan’s to have metallic threads too.

Purchase this ancient rare antique Khotan kelleh online and we shall deliver it straight to your home. Or please contact us to visit our barn showroom by appointment or request a home visit to see this rare rug up close.

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Samarkand was once the gateway to China.  As one of the principal cities of the silk route and the main commercial artery of Asia.  It thus became the Western outlet for woven carpets, known to dealers in the trade as East Turkestan. The main weaving centres were Khotan and Yarkand; their carpets were known simply as Samarkands. There is no obvious connection between Samarkand rugs of Khotan and Yarkand, designs varied with moon gul motifs, vases and pomegranates used in the main field of the design.

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