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Replica of an Antique Konya rug

213 x 129 cm 6’11” x 4’2”
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A beautiful replica of an antique Lotto rug produced in Sultanhani, Aksaray province, Turkey.  These production hand-weaves high quality Replicas of the originals in Transylvania, employing hand carded and hand spun wool, natural dyes and traditional Anatolian weaving technique.  This is a replica from the Stefano Ionesco project, using an original Lotto rug for guidance, they carefully prepare drawings, which reflects the originals knot-by-knot.

It is a very small, limited production, taking around 2 months to weave and a month to wash and finish.  We are privileged to have two rugs from the Stefano Inonescu project in our inventory.  Please view all the additional images to see the rug up close, and photos of the rug on the loom.

More about Stefano Ionescu – he was born in 1951 in Timişoara, at the border of Transylvania, graduated in Bucharest and lives in Rome since 1975. As an independent scholar on Oriental carpets, he has dedicated almost twenty years to the study of the Anatolian rugs, starting with those which survived in Transylvania. This region continues to be the repository of the richest and best-preserved corpus of small Turkish carpets outside the Islamic world: nearly four hundred examples attributable to the golden period of Ottoman weaving, from the 16th to 18th cent.: ‘Holbein’, ‘Ushak’, ‘Lotto’, Selendi and a wealth of so-called ‘Transylvanian’ rugs.

In order to prove the Anatolian origin and to explain the presence of these rugs in Transylvania, Stefano Ionescu published a comprehensive study, Antique Ottoman Rugs in Transylvania, with the entire collection of the Black Church, together with the most important examples from the Churches and Museums inside and outside Romania. The book was awarded the Romanian Academy Prise in the History of Art, which is a very rare event in the rug literature.

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Konya carpets are named for the region in which they were made. Renamed from the Greek “Iconium” when the Seljuk Sultans of Rum made it their capital, Konya is one of the largest, oldest and continuously occupied cities in Asia Minor.  When Polo wrote of the Konyas, he had probably seen them in manufactories that were attached to the Seljuk courts.  In the early 20th century, large carpets were found in the Alaadin Mosque in Konya; they are now housed in the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts in Istanbul.  Scholars and collectors alike, primarily for their bold tribal designs and magnificent color combinations not to mention their rarity, covet Konya rugs.

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