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Antique Tabriz rug

Circa 1900
204 × 135 cm 6’8” x 4’5”


A very fine and elegant antique Tabriz rug, woven in the city of Tabriz, Persia, around 120 years ago. With a detailed scrolling vine design which floats around the connecting floral motifs, the expert weaver really has executed the pattern beautifully.  The weaver would have had a ‘Cartoon’ which is a drawing of the pattern, to know precisely where to place each knot.  Remarkable to think the skill these weavers had in the late 19th century, when demand for exporting Persian rugs was at a high.

Difficult to obtain this lovely pale blue dye, which really is a stunning tone that sits with the reddish brown tones and ivory whites, which add the lightness to this rug.  The weave is fine, woven on a cotton foundation and the pile height is cut very fine, with a good medium pile height all over.  Finer city rugs such as this never had a high wool pile, the intricate design would get lost otherwise.  All in all a real masterpiece of Tabriz weaving, in excellent order.

Request a home visit to try this beautiful antique Tabriz rug in situ, we love to travel all over the UK showing  our carpets and rugs in customers homes.  Our professional home visit service is a free, no obligation service we have offered for 30 years.  Or visit our barn showroom in the small village of Crondall, Surrey soon, you can book in a visit to us Monday to Saturday.

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Tabriz is a city located in the north-west of Persia, it was the major centre for production of rugs and carpets. They more than often will have central medallions but like every rug, the dyes play a huge part in a rugs beauty. It is the soft muted colours combined with the well thought put design that make this rug so appealing. Please feel free to email or call us with any further questions about this antique Tabriz rug.


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