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Beauvais Tapestry cushion

Circa 1780
33 × 33 cm 1’ x 1’


An exquisite 18th Century Beauvais Tapestry covered cushion with a fine silk backing and soft feather insert.  This cushion also works as part of a set of 3, please see additional cushions ref: 8188 and ref: 8191.  Plus there is an image of all three cushions sitting together attached.  These cushions have all been hand made and have silk backings and are feather filled.

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Beauvais is a historic for producing fine tapestries in Beauvais, France. The Beauvais manufacturer was extremely important, after the Gobelins Manufactory, these French tapestry workshops were established under the general direction of Jean-Baptiste Colbert, the finance minister of Louis XIV.   Whereas the royal Gobelins manufacturer executed tapestries for the royal residences and as ambassadorial gifts, the manufacture at Beauvais remained a private enterprise.

The great period of Beauvais tapestry begins with the arrival of Jean-Baptiste Oudry, 22 July 1726, replacing the unsatisfactory Jacques Duplessis.  This was the first time the manufacture was directed by an artist, since Oudry’s financial backer, Nicolas Besnier, a goldsmith of Paris, was wise enough not to interfere with the artistic production, and the partnership lasted until 1753. Jean-Baptiste Oudry was simultaneously the inspector of the works at Gobelins manufacturer as well. At Beauvais he reorganised the training of the young workers and produced exquisite designs and constantly renewed borders.

We have a good selection of antique Beauvais tapestry cushions, antique Aubusson cushions as well as contemporary pillow cushions from Suzani design cushions and Ikat cushions which are silk and wool all hand-produced in Turkey.  Purchase any of our cushions online and we will securely wrap and ship them to your home or office.

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