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Art Deco Chinese carpet

Circa 1920
350 × 275 cm 11’5” x 9’


An Antique art deco Chinese carpet with a beautiful golden field with a contrasting deep indigo border along with images of birds, flowers, butterflies and vases in jewel like colours.  Art Deco Chinese carpets were produced from the 1910’s to the 1940’s.  Prior to the 1920’s often the designs and colours were similar to the classical two tone blue and white antique carpets from China.

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  After the 1920’s the weaving workshops started to experiment with vibrant colours using subtle open designs of birds and flowers.

Walter Nichols, an American who set up factories in China made these rugs famous and desirable. With the most prolific weaving centre was in Tientsin, here designs tended to be more open and spacious than classical Chinese rugs. Walter Nichols rugs are usually wool and often used silk with a thick luxurious pile and feel.  Mainly the designs included dragons, birds and exotic flowers as well as pictorial scenes, trees, clouds and mountains. The Art Deco Chinese rugs colours are usually very vivid and bold using rich dyes of yellow, turquoise, emerald, ruby and purple. Placed on the floor their look is elegant and full of character in the right room.

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