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Silk Qum rug

147 × 101 cm 4’9” x 3’3”


A remarkable modern silk Qum rug woven with the finest quality silk. These colours for a Qum silk are really delicate and subtle, with soft pinks, pale blues and greens on an white centre. The detail is magnificent, elegant and refined, a silk rug of the highest quality.  Silk weaving only started in the 1930’s in Qom or Qum as it is more often known, and it is remarkable how quickly they gained their respect as classical carpet weavers.

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 Designs generally consist of central medallions with elaborate corner spandrel designs, often these represent the ceiling designs in mosques.  Qum was also fond of producing hunting scene rugs, and unusual colours.

Our love of silk rugs and carpets has allowed us to gain quite a selection of fine examples, both antique and contemporary.  We have some remarkable silk Isfahan carpets dating back to the turn of the century as well as a rare collection of Kum Kapi rugs.  Please contact us if you would like more information about this stunning silk Qum or any other silk rugs.

We offer the service of viewing any of our carpets & rugs in-situ in London, Surrey, Hampshire & anywhere else in the UK by appointment.

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