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Antique Shirvan

Dated 1909
155 × 94 cm 5’1” x 3’1”


A beautiful and finely woven Antique Shirvan rug, dated 1327 in the Islamic calendar which translates to 1909 in our calendar. A vibrant antique Caucasian rug in excellent condition with wonderful natural plant dyes typical of this region.  The variation of dyes is quite exquisite with indigo blues and bold reds.

Shirvan is a region of Azerbaijan in the southeastern Caucasus.

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With the exception of a group of rugs woven in the vicinity of Baku, most Shirvans are found in small sizes, with examples from the southern part of the area around the town of Saliani more likely to be in the long, narrow format described in the West as runners. We offer the service of viewing any of our carpets & rugs in-situ in London, Surrey, Hampshire & the UK by appointment.

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